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Planned Maintenance

The team at C&C Electrical Mechanical has leveraged its extensive experience and developed the Advantage Mechanical Maintenance Program designed specifically for Residential and Commercial Strata Buildings. This program is based on the specific needs of both the building and the Property Manager. Finally, a solution!

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C&C Electrical/Mechanical now offers 3 tiers of Mechanical Maintenance Programs, designed to meet the specific needs of your property. 


Our Advantage BASE program is our standard maintenance program, which we have offered for years. This program is based on the specific needs of both the building and the Property Manager. Knowing your building is our business!

Recently, we have found that the industry standard basic package no longer meets all of the needs of the residents, strata or Property Manager.  Each year, numerous ‘regular’ service items must be sent out to tender, creating an unnecessary workload for all involved.  Our Advantage PLUS and Advantage SAFE packages provide maintenance above and beyond the standard programs available in the marketplace.  They provide efficient and timely integration of annual maintenance requirements into our scheduled quarterly visits.  This allows us to offer reduced overall costs to buildings involved in the program.

When repairs are recommended, we also identify the urgency of the repair.  Our hope is to complete all recommended repairs as soon as possible; however, we are sensitive to budget constraints that are sometimes felt by our customers. For these reasons, we have set up a priority structure to help identify which repairs are most urgent.

Detailed descriptions of each package are available.

Please contact your Business Development Representative for more information.

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